Europe: Convention on Contact concerning Children
Paternal Uncertainty and the Economics of Mating, Marriage, and Parental Investment in Children
Gender, Sexuality & the Military
Men are the losers
The disenfranchised Father

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PL / EN  German Jugendamt has forbidden to talk polish to their children (Beata and Co) und Kreuzigungsaktion von Mathieu Carrière
DE / EN  The Jugendamt has stolen the children of these families (Manuela und Christian)
DE / EN  2 Children legally stolen by the jugendamt (Natasha)
Penn and Teller

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Brazil Law on Parental Alienation.pdf   40 kb
Open Letter To the attention of Evelyne Gebhardt 20090206.pdf   10 kb
LCR GER UPR S4 2009 LeagueforChildrensRights.pdf   35 kb
The War is not over.htm At war over stolen kids
Petition 20080421.htm Grandparents Apart Self Help Group
KRights Newsletter 20080222.htm Live From Las Vegas - Tonight Friday - Parental Alienation
domestic violence CZ 20080115.htm Czech Republic: Men suffer from domestic violence as much as
CRIN Petition 20080115.htm CRIN Petition: Campaign for a complaints procedure under the CRC
ECHR and national jurisdiction - The Goerguelue Case.pdf   20 kb
ECHR Goerguelue case Harvard.pdf   24 kb
ECHR and national jurisdiction - The Goerguelue Case 20061201.pdf   20 kb
UN Violence Report 2006.htm UN Violence Report Criticized as Deliberately Biased
UN Resolution final 2006.doc   43 kb
Men and Gender Equality 20061005.doc   48 kb
Parental Responsibility Germany.pdf   567 kb
Jesusdpa140606english.doc   33 kb
ECHR Case of Rozanski v 1 Poland.doc   142 kb
Belgium 20060418.htm "A law which makes people fight, I find horrific"
EU enquiry casefile form.pdf   44 kb
EU enquiry casefile form.doc   125 kb
Eminem.htm Eminem - When I was just a little baby boy
Convention on Contact concerning Children.htm Convention on Contact concerning Children
South-Africa-2004.htm Apply for the insertion of the natural father's name in the birth register of the child
amnesty international annual meeting 2004.htm My report of the annual meeting amnesty international
EU-Petition.htm EU Petition
Frankfurt Appeal DE GB FR ES.htm Frankfurter Appell Das Recht des Kindes auf seine beiden Elternteile
CRC-20021016.htm CRC-News
spouse murder fact sheet.pdf   28 kb
Senatorin Anne Cools on Child abuse 1996.pdf   752 kb
British Airways - Men cannot sit with lone children 2001.pdf   100 kb
GG6 EN.htm vaeter-aktuell GG6 should be changed
GG6 DE.htm vaeter-aktuell GG6 sollte neu formuliert werden
je prevention.htm Parental Child-Snatching: An Overview
Pflegefamilie 20020227.htm Die dummen Eltern, denen die Behörden die Kinder wegnahmen
Washington Post 20020131.htm Does Germany Condone Kidnapping? - Verzeiht Deutschland Entführungen?
The Sexual Victimization of College Women.pdf   966 kb
spouse murder full report.pdf   142 kb
2. Report United Nations.doc   735 kb
CRC-20010905.htm Germany before the CRC
Context and Consequences of Mutual Intimate Partner Violence 2001.pdf   119 kb
Clinton 20010611.htm washingtonpost.com: Give Back the Children
Clinton-Demo-2000-EN.htm Mr. Clinton, please open this Wall!
KEG02 GB.htm an die Mitglieder der National Coalition (NC)
KEG02 DE.htm an die Mitglieder der National Coalition (NC)
Ode to my Family.htm The Cranberries, Ode to my Family
Joe.htm The Cranberries - Joe
UN 19990101 GB.htm Rücknahme der Vorbehaltserklärung
UN 19990101 DE.htm Rücknahme der Vorbehaltserklärung
Robbed of Birthright.pdf   19 kb
Schroeder 19981029 GB.htm Cancellation of the declared reservations about the UN Convention
Schroeder 19981029 DE.htm Rücknahme der Vorbehaltserklärung
tm 19970616 GB.htm Open Letter to the National Coalition, Germany
tm 19970616 FR.htm Open Lettre to National Coalition
tm 19970616 DE.htm Offener Brief an die National Coalition
Plenary Proceedings 1996 Ronald Pofalla.htm Ronald Pofalla (CDU/CSU)
Plenary Proceedings 1996 Rita Griesshaber.htm Rita Grießhaber (BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GrÜNEN)
Plenary Proceedings 1996 Margot von Renesse.htm Margot von Renesse (SPD)
Plenary Proceedings 1996 Ilse Falk.htm Ilse Falk (CDU/CSU)
Plenary Proceedings 1996 Hildebrecht Braun.htm Hildebrecht Braun (Augsburg) (F.D.P.)
Plenary Proceedings 1996 Heidemarie Lueth.htm Heidemarie Lüth (PDS)
Plenary Proceedings 1996 Dr Wolfgang Goetzer.htm Dr. Wolfgang Götzer (CDU/CSU)
Plenary Proceedings 1996 Dr Edzard Schmidt-Jortzig.htm Dr. Edzard Schmidt-Jortzig, Bundesminister der Justiz
Plenary Proceedings 1996 Claudia Nolte.htm Ilse Falk (CDU/CSU)